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By iMick, posted on 25/10/2013

To all of you great OSXL Members!

As you are well aware of, OSXLatitude is quite a unique site, offering some really amazing services to an ever-growing community of great people worldwide. What started as a small idea by a few gifted people, has developed over the years into one of the biggest unified installation and post-installation packages in the scene, supporting literally hundreds of different hardware configurations out-of-the-box, laptops and desktops alike!

Although the OSXL Team did a few really stunning developments for you (like EDP, the Extended Driver Package or BPG, the Boot Pack Generator, just to mention the most important of our contributions to the community), our approach is actually a very single minded one: we want you to be able to install, run and maintain OS X on your non-Apple gear as simply and as easy as possible. And we want you all – newbies and hackers the same – to enjoy doing it and to share your experience.

We did some good calls in the past. And we did some less so. But one of the really crucial and very good decisions we made was to win the maker of myHack, a phenomenal, widely recognized hackintosh tool, to combine his apps with our OSXL tools and databases. By doing this we jointly created a seamless solution, able to deliver more value to all of you than the sum of it’s parts. Both teams worked very hard and very close over the last few years to achieve this goal. Now, knowing this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, that OSXL and myHack teams decided to merge. We intend to combine our efforts and create an even better experience for our joint communities.

It is our great pleasure to announce this merger and invite you to join us in welcoming all myHack members to OSXLatitude!!!



By Hervé, posted on 18/09/2013

We’ve all heard about it but, for most of us (including myself), DSDT patching remains something rather obscure that is reserved to specialists. True I suppose, but there are some basic modifications that most people can do.

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By EMlyDinEsH, posted on 03/09/2013

Hi everyone,

For quite some time we’ve been facing the brightness issues like reduced max brightness and brightness always starting with max level at boot. We had workarounds for reduced max brightness by display sleep, but we never had any solution for brightness level at boot. So, i began to research for a solution to these issues and i’ve found a way to fix this. My solution is a startup script that executes at boot, which is based on the console application “SleepDisplay” and some other info i’ve found related to display brightness. This script executes my modified version of sleepDisplay console application “BrightnessFix,” which sleeps the display once(for max brightness) and sets the brightness level to the value from the file brightnessFix.plist.

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