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Source: Rampage Dev

Owners of desktop Hackintoshes often get confused when it comes to adding Wireless Ethernet to their systems. Looking at the vendors offerings of cards compatible with Mac OS X, there is a lot to be desired. A interesting solution to this is to build your own kit.

As many users have seen, you can purchase desktop PCIe adaptors for mini-PCIe wifi cards; However, many of these adaptors look & feel cheap and prospective buyers may be worried about the build quality. Gigabyte has stepped into the market with their GC-WB300D adaptor. The board appears well made and of high quality. Total cost with shipping in the US is USD $29.99.

There are 2 different revisions of the board:
Rev 1.0: provides a mini-PCIe slot + a USB port
Rev 1.1: provides a mini-PCIe slot only
Both products support the use of a combined wifi-bluetooth mini-PCIe card.

I fitted the following equipment to my Rev 1.0 board:
– Atheros AR5B91 half-size mini-PCIe wifi card. Total cost with shipping in the US: USD $2.79.
– Rocketfish BCM2046B1 bluetooth USB dongle. Total cost with shipping in the US: USD $4.99.

With this Gigabyte GC-WB300D (Rev 1.0) adaptor, I was able to obtain a complete wireless solution for wireless Ethernet and bluetooth services that is fully enclosed to my desktop system. If you need a wifi or combo wifi-bluetooth solution for your Hackintosh, this is a very nice solution that we recommend and invite people to consider.

Full article and guide can be found here.